Where do we go from here? On body positivity and health

Where do we go from here? On body positivity and health

Today has been a good day.

Well, let me reword this; it has been a good day because I did not let other people decide how my day will be.

As I am starting to grow my social media accounts and focus on blogging about promoting  health and good nutrition I have received this comment on my Instagram  account:

“Judging by the plump looks of the chubby woman on the pic, the food may not be so healthy after all.”

Now feel free to redirect to my page “About me” and take a look at my picture. I’ ll give you a moment .

I have purposely not edited, photoshopped or filtered myself as I feel like I have nothing to blur or camouflage. This is me. Yes, I could have manipulated the photography to get a “better” angle, wear something less revealing my curves, but I decided not to. And no, I m not going to leave it with just” if you don’t like it , don’t look at it.” I feel that there is message and an idea that needs to be addressed here.

I feel like men are also being sold this dream of what a perfect woman should look like and strive to do her uttermost to change any ‘imperfections’ if any. But I digress.

In the era of virtual realities of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other false presentations of our lives you can think of, the society’s paradigm of an ideal woman is a very skewed one.

She has long lean legs( ideally with some muscle definition), perfectly round breasts, small waist and large shapely derrière. How many of these women do you know personally?

I admit, I have a few friends that are lucky to be slim and curvy. But as I have said, they are lucky.

As for the rest of us mortals, there is always plastic surgery or Instagram filters. It is no longer a surprise to see a young woman under the age of 20 ( see kylie Jenner) feeling the need to alter her appearance.  I do not judge; far from it. We are all free to do with our bodies what makes us happy. What I do not agree with however, is the idea that this is what we should aspire to .


I could maybe kill myself in the gym more often, eat less or deprive myself of that glass of wine after work. Do I want to? Absolutely not.

There have been times when I have been much slimmer; perhaps the dear commenter would have preferred it. There have also been patches of anorexia and food issues.  It took me some time to realise that I will not be a happier person regardless of the way I look and that alone should not define me.

Beauty trends change. In fact, some parts of the world prefer women larger, some more petite, some hold tall and Amazonian looking women as a beauty ideal. Now, will we have to change with each wave of what is in and feel bad and inadequate when not reaching it?

Perfection is unobtainable and as long as we let others dictate us what is beautiful, we will never feel enough.  We are better than that. We are enough.

Thanks for listening.





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